::warkah from kak roe::

28 12 2006

Assalamualaikum Sumayyah,

How are you feeling now? I hope you’re in the best of health, insyaAllah.

I heard about Khalid 2 days after he passed away. Umar Hakim told me. I wanted to send my condolence earlier but I figured its better to just leave u with our friends there first to comfort u. I was afraid u might want not to be disturbed. Maybe I was wrong but that was how I felt when my father passed away. So now im sending you my warmest condolence for your loss. Im sorry if its quite late. But maybe u need it now since everybody has done it earlier so now its my turn to at least put a smile on your face. I want you to know that I care and I love you with all my heart. I really do. This is not just a phrase to brighten up your day. I really do mean it. And I hope you love me too =)

Nways, ive read what Khalid posted on his blog. The ones that you put on friendster. It touched my soul how he could be so fragile and sick but at the same tyme have this courage and bravery that I adore. He was a strong boy. I knew it the moment I read his entry. I got the feeling that he accepted his destiny to suffer without any hard feelings for Allah. Some people might already lost their hopes on life, people, and in some cases Allah the moment they knew they wont live long. But he, just see the way he wrote about his illness. He was amazed with God’s creation on the multiple types of blood, etc.. How inspirational that a boy his age can think that way. Even I wouldn’t have thought about it myself. Honestly. I admire your brother. For me he is something. And his loss is not just a great loss for your family, but for our future generation. You might think that im being exaggerate but with the sincerest of heart, I do think if he was still alive and was destined to live longer without being sick, he would have been a great future ‘amir’. I may not know him that well to say these things, but I do believe that your Khalid, is a special gift from God, that He lent to u and your family. His absence will always be felt by each one of you forever. Whenever you’re feeling down or sad because of missing him, just remember that he’s in a good place now. And that he’s happy there. We know he is. He was a great servant and the best son and brother anyone could have. I always remind myself the same thing about my father. That’s what makes me stronger and accept the fact that he’s gone. Up till now, I still cry whenever I miss him. And I miss him a lot. But I believe in our reunion in the hereafter. And you should too, okay sweetie? (I know u already know about all of these stuff since I got it from u)  =)

Just so u know, im praying for Khalid. I want you to be happy and I know with praying for him, u’ll be happy. I know that’s what u want the most right now. I know it cos that’s what I wanted for my father. For everybody to pray for him. But I know its impossible. Only the close ones will do it for us. And for that, bear in mind that your loss, is a loss for me too. I can feel your sadness. And it makes me sad too. Cos it only reminds me on my days when I was facing the same test from Allah. He took our loved ones away but this isn’t the end. Its only the beginning. Just like what u said to me in your card when I left,

“Sometymes goodbye is not a final end. But the beginning of a new chapter and the creation of a fond memory which will keep our hearts company forever”

I love u sumayyah. Please take a good care of yourself k. I want you to be happy and a peace of mind. I miss you so much. Hope to see you one day. Whenever you’re ready, just tell me where and when we cant meet up k.

Lots of love,

Kak roe. 


thanks a lot kak roe..miss u lots..sama2 kita do’akan insan tersayang yg telah pergi agar Allah merahmati roh mereka dan meletakkan mereka bersama2 hamba2Nya yang bertaqwa..Allahu yubarik fiiki..




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